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Student Fee Survey

Please read the statement below and complete the following survey:

The ASASU’s President Council has proposed increasing the student programs fee from $25 to $75 per semester for full-time students. This is a $3.13 increase per week.

– The fee for part-time students will increase from $12 to $38 per semester, an increase of $1.56 per week.
– Students in online programs will not be subject to the fee increase.
– This increase would bring in a calculated $6 million in new revenue.
– The breakdown of the new revenue is as follows:
26%, $1.5 million – Associated Students of ASU branches funding
16 %, $1 million – Programming and Activities Boards
50%, $3 million- intercollegiate athletics improvements
8%, $500,000 – Sun Devil Spirit Club
-These are the proposed allocations. The MOU is currently fluid and the allocation of funds is subject to change depending on negotiations.
– According to the proposal, the funds that would be allocated to the student governments would allow for increased initiatives and events to take place.

Prior to now, have you heard about the proposed student fee increase of $25 per semester to $50 per semester?
[] Yes [] No

Did you know that you currently paid a $25 per semester student fee?
[] Yes [] No

Do you want to see increased programming and services on the Downtown Campus? [] yes []no []maybe

Are you for or against this student fee increase?
[] For [] Against [] Unsure







429 students completed the ASASUD student fee survey today, yesterday and last week.

The results are as follows:

NO- 66.6%, 286 students

Unsure- 16.7%, 72 students

Yes- 16.5%, 71 students

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