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A Blog About Blogs


I started this blog because it was a class assignment   because as long as I remember, I haven’t been able to fill out the “HOBBIES:” section on any of those random “Tell us about yourself” surveys that are usually served as a part of ice breaker activities.

Fun fact: I once took an online quiz that promised to tell me what my hobby was. After twenty questions all about my likes and dislikes, they asked me to pay $9.99 for the answer.

So I remained hobbyless (nope, not a word. But a small perk of being a blogger — and yes, I AM a blogger now — is that it is my prerogative to make up words as I deem necessary).

But after looking up the definition of a hobby (yeah, I’m THAT girl right now), I think I might actually have one.

It’s something I do in my free time.

It’s relaxing and enjoyable to me

Is the suspense killing you?


(I know, right, how full circle was that?)

The second I get free time, it’s straight to bloglovin for me. There’s nothing like posting up in bed, computer on my lap, catching up with my favorite blogs.

Most of the blogs I follow are fashion blogs (insert cheesy “fashion is my passion” quote here).

Now, I’ve been told by a handful of people that they just don’t think reading blogs is a hobby. These people, in my most humble opinion, are wrong. And here’s why:

  • Reading a blog is similar to reading a magazine or newspaper. Both are published and read periodically. Both contain useful information (I consider the fact the ombre hair is in style to be very useful information — even if it did result in The Horrible Hair Fiasco 2010).
  • Though bloggers don’t have traditional (if any) editors for their work, many of them are experts in their field. Whowhatwear has a team focused on identifying exactly what someone is wearing; Frugal Fashionistas shows you where you can get something similar for a fraction of the price; Rumi Neely’s face now graces Times Square as a part of her Forever 21 campaign. 13 year old Tavi Gevinson sits front row with a very large bow at many major fashion shows.
  • It’s an interactive hobby. Just as Luke plays cribbage with a partner, Conor can jam with fellow musicians and Brittany will shop with anyone who is around, I am a part of a community of blog readers. We comment to the bloggers, we comment to each other, we make up a network.
  • It’s the 21st Century. Times are changing. Hobbies are changing. Getwitit.

(Exciting side note: Just yesterday one of my favorite bloggers, Geri Hirsch from Because im addicted actually tweeted me back and yes, I had an embarrassingly star-struck moment.)

So yes, reading blogs is a hobby. Reading blogs is my hobby.

Few things make me laugh harder than a perfectly delivered why-you’re-celibate-this-week joke from the Man Repeller . (I promised myself I’d only reference her twice. So there’s one. I adore her. I really do. Even if she becomes the Hanelli of my blog, then just like her adoration of Hanelli didn’t fade, neither will mine).

Few images make me stop dead quite like Tommy Ton’s fashion photography (If there’s just one link you click on during this post, I hope it’s this one).

And if, like me, you’re addicted to Tommy’s photography, I have some good news. has employed him for all of fashion month with more amazing photos!

I sound like a fashion blog groupie, don’t I?

Few tweets make me feel like I’m in the center of all the fashion chaos quite like bryanboy’s.Bryanboy was one of the first fashion bloggers to really make a name for himself. He has been a part of the shift from socialites and celebrities in the front row of shows, to bloggers. A change Vogue spotlighted in a March 2010 article.

But enough of my school-girl-crush adoration of the people who I think are bringing fashion to the masses.

Personally, I think the amount of excitement I have when I talk about how much I love reading these fashion blogs is evidence enough that blog following (and now, for me, blogging) is a hobby.

So, pending approval from the official board of potential hobbies, blog reading is my hobby.

And just because I promised myself two (and I rationed these out very carefully): Man Repeller.

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