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Shopping Addict, Thy Name is Brittany


Brittany loves to shop.

She actually told me to open my blog this way, just plain and simple.

Brittany Martin’s hobby is shopping. Also on Britt’s hobby list? Dancing, sleeping and eating (she tells me through a mouth full of chips and salsa she uses to wash down her burrito) but shopping is definitely high up on that list.

Brittany and I work together at a boutique clothing store and in the two and a half weeks since I joined the team I have probably given her the do-you-really-NEED-that look  about twenty-something times.

More times than not though, my looks and attempt at logically explaining that if she already has too much in her closet, she doesn’t need more, just don’t cut it.

“I shop as often as I work. So five days a week,” Brittany said.

Diagnosis: Shopping Addiction.

Things I have watched Brittany consider (and most of the time decide on) buying:

And those are just in the shifts she and I work together.

As much as I love clothes (and believe me, I do), I have never really been a big shopper. I can appreciate them, constantly wish I owned more of them and throw a fit over them every time I can’t find the right thing to wear (i.e., every day I have to stray from cheer shorts and an oversized t-shirt) but shopping isn’t really something that I would consider my hobby.

Up until recently (recently being when I went off to college and was forced to be a grown up and pay for myself) my favorite kind of shopping was grocery shopping (By the way–feeding yourself, not so cheap. How my parents ever fed themselves, my sister and I and my garbage disposal of a brother, I’ll never know).

Spotlight Shift: Back to Brittany

Britt has a closet that chronicles some of the best clothing we’ve sold over the last three years. But our boutique doesn’t make up her entire wardrobe. Guess, Bebe, H&M and Victoria’s Secret are among the other stores she enjoys shopping at.

Brittany could even be considered a shopping expert. As the assistant manager to one of the busiest boutiques near campus of the largest public university in the country, Brittany has some authority on the subject.

She sifts through other stores’ clothing just like she sifts through a new shipment to ours. She has to look at every piece, never knowing what she’s looking for but when she finds it, she has to have it right then. And no amount of attempted persuasion from me seems to convince her otherwise.

Since working at a boutique, Britt says she finds herself more critical not of the clothes at other stores, but of the people working there (Customer service is a HUGE part of what our store is about).

When I worked in a restaurant, I realized what made a good customer and what made a bad one (in the eyes of the serving staff). Now that I’m working at a retail store, I realize what makes a good shopper, and what makes a bad one (again, in the eyes of those who work there).

This has affected the way I shop (clothes and hangers all face the same way, hanging things back up properly–meaning with those clear straps, usually–is a must). And it has also affected Brittany.

Now she tries everything (and believe me, I do mean absolutely everything) on before buying. She didn’t used to do this.

Maybe the shopping addiction disease is contagious and the longer I work at the boutique, the more susceptible to it I will become. My fellow employees seem to have lost any immunity. Maybe I’m next. Maybe shopping will become not just my job, but my hobby.

So far, it seems like the one hobby I am most identifying with (No offense, cribbage or guitar). And one I wouldn’t mind trying out a few more times, you know, just to see if it’s the hobby for me.

I mean, if it’s for the sake of research….

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