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Strung Out


I had always seen Conor Johnson’s (@ConorJ1272)  guitar in his place but had never actually heard him play it.

Still, I knew it was one of his hobbies was playing guitar. He plays a little bit every day, whether it’s for five minutes or if he has more time than that.

Conor began playing guitar a little over four years ago. A family friend sparked his interest in guitar when he came to stay with them.

Conor’s first song: 3AM by Matchbox Twenty

Conor’s second song: Howie Day (per his mother’s request)

I can’t say I’ve never picked up a guitar. My sister has one. A Christmas gift she just had to have but didn’t follow through much with. But I don’t know any songs…or notes…or chords.

I don’t think of myself as particularly musically inclined. I played piano for a year or so before my teacher decided that she had too many students and it was time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Disclaimer: It wasn’t that I was bad at piano, I was actually not bad at all. It’s just that I never practiced. Anyone who has ever been forced to practice scales will tell you—they’re boring.  I only ever wanted to play the fun songs. But Christmas carols in August aren’t exactly well received (especially after six months straight of them) in the Makinson household.

And every time I played “I will Always Love You” (the Whitney Houston version , of course. I know you did it first, Dolly Parton, but Whitney did it better…Whitney always does it better) my mother would bust out her best Whitney. So that was a bit of a deterrent.

Back to Guitar: So after watching Conor for a bit, I was itching to try. He had some trouble placing my sparkle-nailed fingers on the proper chords and I had some trouble holding them down (my mother jokes that I have bird hands, you know, hollow bones, like a bird?).

But after finally get the C chord to sound right, I was feeling pretty well accomplished (for all of you who are not completely guitar fluent–much like myself–that’s one of the easier chords).

The other easier chords: G chord and D chord. Which are also the other two that I learned.

I don’t know how Conor does it. My fingertips started aching after those three chords–I can’t imagine playing a whole song. But he has the calluses to prove his dedication.

Calluses that I can’t say would look good with my sparkle nails (I call them my Lady Gaga Bad Romance nails. An ode to both the wonderful artist she is, and the genius who created her look for that video-Alexander McQueen–Long live, McQueen, baby).

Hmm…maybe I should pick up the piano again. I remember the first five notes of the Star Wars theme so that’s a good start…right?

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  1. Kam permalink
    09/16/2010 4:07 pm

    Glad to see you finally gave guitar a shot haha

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